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Headfirst supports research into head injuries, stroke and associated brain damage

The human brain weighs approximately 14oz and is the most complex structure known to man.

Most of us take our brain for granted. We don’t give it a second thought – until we get a headache.

But when a head injury or stroke occurs, the victims and their loved ones suddenly realise just how delicate, vulnerable and mysterious the brain is.

And just how little we know about it.

Set up by three people who have all had first hand experience of head injuries and illness, HeadFirst is a charitable organisation dedicated to the funding and promotion of research into head injuries, stroke and associated brain damage.

For survivors of head injury and their carers UKABIF at has a directory to assist people with brain injury to find the right service at the right time on their journey through rehabilitation and beyond. Headfirst deals purely in research, it is unable to help with individual problems. Headway - the brain injury association, offers information, support and services to those affected by brain injury, their families, carers and professionals:

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