From the Trustees

Dear Donor,

Headfirst have been most grateful for your support in the past, but the trustees have now, with regret, decided that it is necessary to wind up the charity, cease fund raising and ask the Charity Commissioners to close our registration.

The principle reason for the decision is that, following Professor Strong’s resignation from the clinical neurosurgical service at King’s college Hospital near the normal retirement age, now nearly 10 years ago, his clinical research activities have gradually reduced in scope. The trustees have been advised by King’s College, London, that there are no current plans to appoint a tenured clinical researcher who would develop new areas of research into acute brain injury. For Headfirst to continue active fund raising for such research requires an active, experienced and highly motivated individual in post at King’s College Hospital, able to make effective use of support from a charity such as Headfirst, and to generate and drive a new research programme.

Headfirst have recently supplied substantial support for a young neurosurgeon to learn research methods in the USA during a one year secondment from his advanced clinical training in the UK, and the funds that remain have been donated to King’s College Hospital to maintain brain injury research there in the short term.

For the future. In the event that you might wish to donate or raise funds to support research or care for in or out patients with head injuries, can we suggest two possible options:

a) The registered charity Headway maintains an excellent nationwide network of day care and mutual support facilities for patients and their carers obliged to live with consequences of a serious injury. , or,

b) To support continuing brain injury care or research (please specify) in The King’s College Hospital Intensive Care Units, Professor Strong (address below) will be happy to receive and pass to the Finance Department cheques made payable to King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

In conclusion the Trustees, and particularly Professor Strong and his researchers are deeply grateful for the support you have provided. With your help it has been possible to maintain a research programme which has continued for over 25 years, during which there have been some major successes, including the first fully ratified description of spreading depolarisation events (tsunamis) in the injured human brain, and the demonstration of just how important delivery of glucose to the injured brain can be. Importantly, a number of young researchers have been launched on clinical or research careers.

Thank you so much for all you have done, or are considering doing.

The Trustees:

Cheryl Baker, Martin Adamson, Anthony Strong, Ossie Jones, George Pettifar

Professor Strong's address:

Anthony J Strong DM, FRCEd
Emeritus Professor of Neurosurgery
Room A1, 27 Academic Neuroscience Centre
Box 41
Institute of Psychiatry
De Crespigny Park