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Cheryl Baker’s Story

On 11th December 1984, Bucks Fizz appeared at Newcastle City Hall, the second date of a sell-out tour.

We left the theatre elated and boarded our luxury coach for the 15 minute journey to the hotel where we were spending the night. Minutes later disaster struck.

There were roadworks on the opposite side of the road, so oncoming traffic was diverted to the off-side lane of the dual carriageway we were travelling on.

I have to jump now to the next part of the story. I was lying in the road with flashing lights around me, feeling cold and totally confused. Apparently, our coach had collided with an articulated lorry and Mike Nolan and I had been catapulted through the windscreen. To this day, neither of us can remember anything about it.

Mike and I were taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle and put in cubicles opposite each other. We were both in a pretty sorry state but the following morning we were able to chuckle about what our fans would think if they could see us! Mike asked me not to make him laugh as his head hurt and they wouldn’t give him any tablets.

That night, more than 24 hours after our accident, Mike slipped into a coma and was rushed to Newcastle General Hospital for an emergency brain operation to remove a blood clot from his brain.

I never realised until then the dramatic changes that can take place to a person after suffering a brain injury. Mike was never the same again. Initially, he suffered from severe depression. Thankfully that has eased off, but not completely. He still suffers from short-term memory loss, tunnel vision and epilepsy for which he has to take fairly powerful drugs which make him quite sleepy. His personality has changed, as has his self confidence.

I love Mike like a brother and would do anything for him, but I miss the old Mike and so does he.

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